A brief introduction

Nicolai Tillisch
Over the last decade, Nicolai has coached top leaders around the world. His clients are typically highly ambitious and capable. They appreciate how Nicolai helps them introspect, learn, and act differently. He draws on his extensive first-hand experience working in intense professional environments, such as McKinsey & Company, Fortune 500 companies, and fast-growing startups.

Keynotes & Workshops

Increase the return on your ambition
Nicolai is energetic and inspiring and offers super practical tools. He builds on his bestselling book Return on Ambition and rich first-hand experience.

Coaching and Facilitation

Cultivating Leadership

Bespoke coaching, interventions, and development programs in collaboration with 80+ collegial friends at the internationally acknowledged firm Cultivating Leadership.

Return on Ambition

New Book

The best-selling book Return on Ambition: A Radical Approach to Your Achievement, Growth, and Well-Being by Nicolai and his co-author Nicolai Chen Nielsen.


Software Platform

The result of the long-time collaboration between Nicolai and Stefan Falk with the mission to help people “utilize their potential in a powerful yet healthy and safe way every day”