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Management by threats: If you do not read this article, then you’ll miss a new trend!

Has the stick maintained its popularity for so long because everyone knew that it didn’t cost anything extra to use? You need to buy new carrots every time they fall within reach. And yet, even treats can be turned into threats: “If you don’t eat your vegetables, then you won’t get dessert.” Frightening if/then scenarios have been casually made throughout history.

Leaders Middle East asked me to write a piece around a cartoon, where a voluminous and thin-haired boss asks to be accompanied by staff humming the ‘Jaws’ theme whenever he moves around the office. We all know people who could have done that. But shouldn’t they know better by now?

Let me give you some inspiration and insights, drawn from the effectiveness assessments of over 60,000 leaders using the Leadership Circle Profile, as well as recent neuroscience findings and empirical studies of teamwork.

Here’s a link to the article: http://www.leadersme.com/what-melody-is-your-executive-assistant-humming/

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