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Culture is a bad excuse for failing to be a good leader

Several studies conducted in the United States and Europe have shown that about 80 percent of business leaders are not particularly effective. It would require several mediocre leaders to get a job done, as opposed to one more effective leader accomplishing it—if indeed the less effective leaders ever succeeded at all.

My experience gives me no optimism that the statistics are any better in the rest of the world. Instead, I am observing confusion outside the West about what good leadership is. The mainstream school of thought on leadership in the United States is popular internationally, but it also has elements that are alien to others. For instance, how can you control your own fortunes when at the same time you look up to your boss as if he was a patriarch and obey his every word?

This situation is, however, no excuse for not trying to be a good leader. New research conducted by my friends and work partners, Bob Anderson and Bill Adams, and presented in their forthcoming book Mastering Leadershipdemonstrates that highly effective leaders around the globe have quite a lot in common, while less effective leaders are more distinctively different in various parts of the world. To some extent, the differing challenges of emerging markets versus mature markets explain these variations.

Therefore, most leaders outside of the West should make an effort to become more effective, just as the vast majority leaders there should do as well.


Link to the article: http://gulfbusiness.com/2015/09/culture-bad-excuse-good-leader/#.VhyyjrS2xqs


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